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A fine of 1.67 lakh rupees was imposed on those who burn stubble

  Jalandhar: The cases of stubble burning are not decreasing in the district. Despite the efforts of the district administration, the farmers are not agreeing to use modern technology for stubble management. The cases of stubble burning have reached 778. Paddy has reached the markets after harvesting in the district. Farmers have accelerated the process of burning paddy straw to prepare fields for planting wheat and potatoes. People are getting sick due to the increase in the amount of toxic particles in the air due to burning of stubble. The cases of stubble burning in the district have increased compared to last year. According to the information received from the district administration, the number of stubble burning cases in the district has reached 778. A case has been registered against one accused. The administration has fined Rs 1,67,500 to the stubble burner in the district. However, the case of red entry of a farmer's land has not come to light. However, the district administration has started taking the help of voluntary organizations for stubble management.