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On the Multan incident, TTP said - Pakistan is a 'country of butchers', where no one cares about human life.

  Multan: Recently, hundreds of charred bodies were found on the roof of a hospital in Multan, Pakistan. There is an atmosphere of anger among the people of Pakistan on this heartbreaking incident. Many political organizations also criticized the Shahbaz government. Meanwhile, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP.) says that Pakistan's government institutions, including the army, are behind these atrocities. The TTP issued its statement saying, "Pakistan is a 'land of butchers', where no one cares about human life, especially Baloch and Pashtuns." Banned group TTP condemned the discovery of hundreds of bodies at a hospital in Multan, saying it was the work of the Pakistani government and its organizations such as the Frontier Corps, Army and Inter-Services Intelligence. The TTP statement said that the National Assembly of Pakistan is impure. Also said that Pakistan has no real intention for Baloch and Pashtuns.