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MiG 29 Crash: Fighter aircraft MiG-29K Crashed in Goa, the accident was due to technical failure.

  New Delhi: An Indian Navy fighter MiG-29K crashed in Goa on Wednesday. According to news agency ANI, the pilot is safe in the incident. According to the information received from the agency, this fighter plane was returning to its base just before the accident. The Indian Navy has constituted an inquiry committee to find out the cause of the accident. It is being told that this MiG-29K fighter jet of the Navy was on a regular flight. In the information shared by the Navy on Twitter, it has been stated that this warship was on a regular flight off the coast of Goa. It was only then that a technical fault was detected in it, after which the pilot started returning to his base station. Meanwhile the plane crashed. The pilot ejected safely just before the crash.