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No case will proceed under section 66A of the expired IT, the Supreme Court has issued instructions to the DGPs and Home Secretaries of all states.

  New Delhi: The Supreme Court says that no citizen can be prosecuted under Section 66A of the IT Act, 2000, which was abolished in 2015. The Supreme Court has expressed objection to how cases are still being filed against the section which was abolished years ago. A bench headed by Chief Justice UU Lalit on Wednesday said that wherever a case is registered or a trial is going on against a citizen under Section 66A of the IT Act, it should be terminated immediately. He issued instructions to the DGPs and Home Secretaries of all states and Union Territories not to register any case against any citizen under Article 66A. These instructions should be conveyed to the lower level of the entire police department. Clarifying the situation, Justice Ajay Rastogi and SR Bhatt, who were part of the bench, said that if there are any other sections against a person apart from this section, then action should be taken against them in addition to section 66A. The bench has sought the details of all the pending cases under 66A from the central government across the country. The court says that criminal proceedings under this section were dismissed only under the Court's Sher Singhal v. Central Government (March 2015 decision). Despite this, cases under this section are still under consideration and new cases are also being registered.