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PM Modi Birthday: Prime Minister Modi used to travel a lot on a scooter in the tri-city, he is familiar with every street corner, he has a special relationship with Chandigarh.

  Chandigarh: PM Modi Birthday: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made his image such that he is known by children, elders and people of all walks of life. The reason for this is that they connect with everyone through discussions on Preksha Pe Charcha, Man Ki Baat, Hifia and other programs. But do you know that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Chandigarh, no one even recognized him. They were sitting in one side of the audience gallery. Gone after the program was over, no one even knew. You may be thinking how can this happen, it can't happen, but it did. Here we are talking about the convocation ceremony of MCM DAV College of Chandigarh Sector-36 in April 2000. A program was held here to award degrees to students, but the chief guest in this program was not Modi but the then Home Minister LK Advani. In the same program, Prime Minister Modi also arrived with other leaders of the BJP, but no one paid attention to Modi then. No one had imagined that the person sitting in the audience gallery would be one of the most powerful people in the world and would become the Prime Minister of the country. We are telling you this because Prime Minister Modi's birthday is being celebrated in the city as a service fortnight. Modi's birthday is on September 17.