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Salman Rushdie Attacked: Salman Rushdie is on ventilator support after hours of surgery, the police have identified the culprit

  New York police have identified the suspect who attacked Salman Rushdie. According to the information given by the police through the press conference, the attacker's name is Hadi Matar and he is a resident of Fairview, New Jersey. However, the reason behind the attack is yet to be ascertained. It is also being told that he has been put on ventilator support hours after the surgery. The New York Police Commander said during the press conference that Speaker Rushdie was at an event at around 10.47 am where the assailant who was already present attacked him with a knife. During this, he sustained serious injuries on his neck and stomach. Immediately after the incident, the doctor present at the spot gave first aid. After which he was taken to the hospital with the help of a helicopter.