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IGF London 2024: UK-India strategic relations during crucial national elections

  The sixth annual India Global Forum will be a major agenda-defining event at IGF London 2024, to be held in London and Windsor from June 24 to 28.

This year's forum is particularly important as it comes at an important moment, immediately following the Indian parliamentary elections and ahead of the UK general election on 4 July.

Manoj Ladwa, Founder and Chairman, India Global Forum said, “No matter which government comes to power, there are many opportunities and certain challenges that await them. So IGF London 2024 is going to be an important event in the diary "which will serve as a key economic and geopolitical stocktake, providing important insights and informing the strategic direction for any new administration."

He said, “As the world looks towards India and IGF London will play an important role in shaping the vision and strategies of both sides, it will not only analyze the current geopolitical environment but also the future cooperation and that is for the future. A truly unique opportunity to set the agenda.”

IGF London 2024 will discuss the recent Indian election results in depth, with implications for both global geopolitics and business. The event will serve as an important platform to assess and guide future UK-India relations. The forum will also address pressing issues for any incoming UK administration, including finalizing the long-pending India-UK Free Trade Agreement and reviewing the progress of the 2030 Roadmap.