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CM Mann and Karamjit Anmol met with Punjabis living in Australia through VC, invited to invest in Punjab

  Melbourne: As the elections are going on in Punjab, the candidates of the political parties are contacting their friends, social workers and party workers in foreign countries. This time, the immigrants are not showing much interest in these elections and the response is slow, but the political parties are trying their best to bring the immigrants with them. A face-to-face meeting was organized under the leadership of Monty Benipal, Robby Benipal, Sukhraj Romana and Gurpreet Sangha in favor of Karamjit Anmol, the candidate of Lok Sabha constituency Faridkot in the city of Melbourne, Australia. In which Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Faridkot Constituency Karamjit Anmol interacted with the dignitaries who came to the meeting through video conferencing and consulted with them and also sought suggestions for the progress of Punjab.

On this occasion, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said that Punjabis are a very hardworking nation who have achieved a different position in foreign countries due to their hard work. He said that they are working day and night for the progress of Punjab and they want to make the boys and girls of Punjab not job seekers but job distributors. He said that if any migrant wants to lend his support in the progress of Punjab, he can feel free to contact me directly and without any hassle he will be provided a safe environment. He said that the three types of Ashtam which have been color coded are an example of transparent governance and the work is being done without any trouble to the people of Punjab. He said that if any immigrant wants to work for the betterment of a school, hospital or other institution in his village or city or to help Punjab in any other way, he is welcome.

Mann said that very soon, big industries are going to invest in Punjab on a large scale, and now the government is taking another initiative to help the migrants. "Punjab Help Desk" is being established in which about ten Punjabi speaking staff including three officials are being kept who will provide information about every department of Punjab and will also be effective in saving the migrants from trouble. He said that the Road Safety Force has saved many precious lives in road accidents and Verka has also moved away from the leak of loss and has come to the side of increase. He said that along with agriculture, they are trying their best to make the dairy industry a profitable business. He said that he receives three to four phone calls every day from Punjabi youths from different countries who want to return to Punjab permanently and set up their own business by staying here permanently.

He said that anyone who wants to invest in Punjab can contact the Invest Punjab portal of the Punjab government, if any problem arises, they can be contacted directly. Finally, he said that he will soon start the mission to bring the migrants back to their homes. On this occasion, Bhagwant Maan and others also answered various questions. Meanwhile, the candidate of Lok Sabha constituency Fardikot Karamjit Anmol also said in his address that till now you have supported me fully and now you will support me in the same way in the future and I am fully hopeful that the voters of Fardikot constituency will not disappoint him. And they will also fulfill the responsibility with full diligence. On this occasion, Monty Banipal also thanked the dignitaries who came.