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The Pakistani parliamentarian showed a mirror to his own country, said - India reached the moon, we have gutters here...

  Islamabad: Everyone is aware of the bad condition of Pakistan. The situation has reached such a stage that the government of Pakistan, which is facing a financial crisis, has now decided to sell all its state-owned companies.

Pakistani MP exposed his country

In fact, Syed Mustafa Kamal, a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, has compared India's achievements and the poor condition of Karachi while mentioning India's moon landing mission.

India is on the moon, our children are in the gutter...

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Syed said in a speech in the National Assembly that while India is landing on the moon, there are reports of children falling into open sewers in Karachi. is making

Speaking in the Vidhan Sabha...

Today the situation in Karachi is such that while the world is going to the moon, children in Karachi are dying by falling into the gutter. On the same screen the news is coming that India has landed on the moon and just two seconds later the news is coming that a child has died in an open sewer in Karachi.

Not even clean water in Karachi

MP Syed Mustafa also mentioned the scarcity of fresh water in Karachi. He said that there are 70 lakh children in Karachi and more than 26 lakh children in Pakistan who cannot go to school. Syed said that although Karachi is the revenue engine of Pakistan, there is no clean water now.

The Pakistani MP added that since its inception, two ports are operational in Pakistan and both are in Karachi. Karachi is the gateway to Afghanistan from across Pakistan, Central Asia. For 15 years, Karachi is not getting even a little clean water, the water that comes, the tanker mafia starts hoarding and selling it.

On the other hand, in August last year, India's Chandrayaan-3 lander became the country's first spacecraft to reach the lunar surface safely. India also became the first country in the world to land on the South Pole of the Moon.