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Electricity demand increased again, electricity supply up to 15251 MW, demand estimated to be up to 16 thousand

  Senior Reporter, Patiala: During the heat of September, the demand for electricity has also started increasing. On Wednesday, Powercom has supplied 15 thousand 251 MW of electricity in the state, which is only 74 MW less than the highest supply this year. On the same day last year, the demand for electricity was only 13 thousand 988 MW.

According to sources, the demand for electricity in Punjab is much higher than the supply on Wednesday. According to the sources, the demand has been up to 16 thousand MW. Powercom's supply capacity is also up to 15500 MW. 9500 MW of power has been taken from the central pool to meet the power demand of Punjab. 15251 MW electricity has been supplied by Powercom at around 3 pm on Wednesday. On June 23 of the same year, Powercom supplied 15325 MW of electricity. About 30 thousand complaints of power outage have been registered from across the state till Wednesday afternoon. During this time, electricity has been off for up to two hours from 46 feeders, up to four hours from 10 feeders, up to 6 hours from seven feeders and even more from three feeders.