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Now the people of America-Canada will also watch 'The Kerala Story', released on more than 200 screens.

  Washington: Kerala Story released in America and Canada: The controversial film 'Kerala Story' was released on more than 200 screens in America and Canada on Friday. Its director Sudeepto Sen said that the film is a mission that transcends the creative boundaries of cinema.

"Kerala's story is a mission"

Sen told a group of Indian American journalists during a virtual press conference, "The country was in denial about the long-standing issue in the state of Kerala. The Kerala story is a mission that transcends the creative boundaries of cinema, it is a movement. . which should reach people around the world and create awareness."

The film's producer Vipul Shah said, "The subject of the film was hidden from people and should have been told. We made the film to start a discussion around the world." The film tells the story of three girls who convert to Islam and join ISIS.

"The film didn't get any support initially"

To a question, Shah said, "It is a very bold, honest and truthful film which did not get any support initially. Today it is releasing worldwide with great success at the box office in just 6 days. ready for."