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8 reasons why you might be in a toxic relationship

  No relationship is perfect, in fact it is the imperfections that make a relationship perfect. A good relationship which makes you feel comfortable, secure, cared and loved always plays a major role in defining your happiness and growth quotient. A toxic relationship not only affects your personal life, but it has an extremely drastic impact on your professional aspect which might lead to a lot of ups and downs in life. A white paper study done in the US suggests that 56% of working professionals out of the sample size of 1,000 people from different walks of life are suffering at the expense of a toxic relationship that they find extremely hard to come out of. But the realisation of anything is the key to its solution/cure. Read on to know about the 8 signs which can help you acknowledge a toxic relationship and help you come out of it: •Your partner controls you in and out! Whether it be a month-old relationship or a 20-year-old bond; everyone loves it when their partner takes care of them. And while you may enjoy it when they order your coffee, or plan a vacation with you, if things start invading your personal space, you are bound to get bothered. It feels good if your partner knows you in and out but, it should never mean that they can control your freedom (no matter if it’s due to insecurity, care, jealousy or any reason). Though it should never be a concern for you if your partner asks you not to hang out with your ex or go to a place which might not be fine/ safe for you. •Respect is a luxury for you In any relationship, mutual respect plays a huge role. If your partner is making you put your defensive guard on; it’s an alarm bell for you, my friend. Try addressing the issue with praising your partner’s small efforts to make you feel special. Show your happy vibes explicitly if that is what it takes to get the respect you deserve. •If you shy away from sharing your thoughts The feeling of being mentally naked in front of someone is complete bliss. If you don’t feel that ‘you need not pretend anything at all in front of your partner’ then it’s something you should worry about. •Sex has turned into a tool for manipulation If sex is no more a thing you both enjoy together, and you feel that your partner only shows interest in getting intimate when there’s something they can get out of it, - this is a classic sign of an extremely toxic relationship. •Bullying has become a normal thing If instead of supporting you, your partner is the one who mocks you on the silliest topics and creates mountains out of molehills then it is best to finally say goodbye to all the negativity and mental abuse, and finally be free. •Your growth makes them feel insecure Growth is a pattern which keeps on spiking irrespective of age and gender. If your partner is the one who gets insecure about you and creates hindrances in your personal or professional life, then it may be time to move on according to psychologist Gregory Kushnick. •Questioning your self-worth? Being aware of your self-worth is extremely important, and if at any point your self worth or sense of existence is being questioned because of your partner, then you need to question your relationship and make a call. •Your parents and close ones don’t like your partner Your family is the one who gets the hint of you being unhappy before even you do. Allow them to assess your life pattern and they will tell you what’s missing. Make sure any such feeling isn’t bothering your mental peace. Life is all about managing relationships and caring for each other but not at the cost of your self-growth. Try to avoid being in a toxic relationship as it can cost you a lot more than mental peace. Just stay true to your self and follow your intuitions.