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Bigg Boss 13 day 11 preview: Rashami Desai breaks down as she loses trust in Arti, faces criticism over cooking

  It has not even been a month since Salman Khan’s show began and Bigg Boss 13 house is already bearing down heavy even on the stronger contestants. On Thursday’s episode, fans will see TV actor Rashami Desai in tears as she fights her battles all alone.

Here are the top events to look forward to on tonight’s episode:

In a promo shared by the show’s official Twitter handle, we see Rashami telling Arti, “I have got trust issues with you right now,” to which Arti snaps back, “Wo mai solve nahi kar sakti! (I cannot solve that for you)”

In a scene from the kitchen, Abu Malik shouts and says, “Har cheez tasty ban sakti hai, har time bhaji, bhaji! (Why do we always have veggies? Can’t we eat something tasty?)” Soon Rashami is seen breaking down and saying, “Bahut pyar se khana banati hu mai, value nahi us cheez ki (Icook food for everyone with love, but noone cares about it.)?”.In a separate video shared by the handle, Rashami and Arti are seen sitting together in the smoking area. “Tujhko mere bare me agar koi aa k kuch bol sakta hai to wo hai Paras (If there is one person who can instigate you against me it is Paras.),” Arti says. Rashami responds by calling Paras over. Once he joins them, Rashami tells Paras, “Yah ape yeh clear ho raha hai tu trustworthy to kahi se nahi hai. (Now it is clear that you are not trustworthy)” Arti adds, “wo to mai bol rahi hu, muh pe bol rahi hu. (That is exactly what I have been saying, I even say this to his face.)”

Paras then asks them what games he is playing with them. “Game khel raha hai, game khel raha hai game khel raha hai. Tum kyta kar rahe ho yaha pe? Bigg Boss me tum kya achar daalne aaye ho? (Why is everyone blaming me for playing the game? Why are you guys here in Bigg Boss, just to while away your time?)” Targeting Shehnaaz Gill, Paras further says, “Mai ek k saath baithu to tumhari jal jaati hai. Dusri bandit um bhadka rahe ho jo easily manipulate ho jati hai. (You have a problem if I sit with one, you are now instigating another girl because she can be manipulated easily.)”

An agitated Arti is seen saying, “Tumhara aur Sana (Shehnaaz) ka kya drama hai tum aur Sana samjho. Teri messenger ban k uske paas jaati hu, uski messenger ban ke tere paas ati hu kyuki mai chahti hu ki tum dono ka theke ho jae. (Whatever drama it is between you and Shehnaaz, please take care of it your self. I have been taking your messages to her and her messages to you, because I want you guys to pacify things.).” Later, both Arti and Shehnaaz are seen giving their black rings to Paras as part of the nomination task.