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“Vote for NOTA” campaigned Mayank Voter Literacy Drive on the streets of Landran

  “Vote for NOTA” campaigned Mayank
Voter Literacy Drive on the streets of Landran

Mayank Batish, a final year student of Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran was seen spreading awareness amongst the passers- by and local villagers of Landran to cast their vote for NOTA (None of the Above) in the upcoming elections. “All political parties share same ideology which is centered around their eagerness to gain power rather than working for the welfare of the people” said Mayank while sharing his views Politics. He was accompanied by 60 students for a voter literacy drive which was organised by CGC Landran in association with Mohali administration SVEEP (Systematic Voter’s Education & Electoral Participation) activity.
With the support of the Landran Traffic Police, the students were able to distribute around 200 multilingual brochures specifying the step-wise process to vote and the directions to operate Electronic Voting Machine. Each minute detail was made clear to the people like entering the booth, casting the vote, confirming it and verifying the vote.
With a motto to have a greater participation for a stronger democracy, the students stressed on awaking the illiterates about their voting rights and duty. Bus drivers, delivery boys, fruit and vegetable vendors, truck drivers, security guards and peons were majorly addressed during the voter literacy drive. Also, special focus was made on the voting rights of people with disability.