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MISSION ON EARTH–Ramninderjeet singh 9641400009

Many people feel their life has no meaning, that there seems to be nothing but problems. Some are not able to find meaning and motives in their lives and that can be because of no proper guidance. But remember everyone comes for a reason and your life has a beautiful meaning.
First of all never fear the obstacles that come your way; they exist to make you stronger. Also, do not be under impression that you are on Earth to suffer. Karma, testing and training exist to help you change and to cleanse your soul. But God has also given you chance to do something wonderful.
Everyone wants life to be meaningful, and this happens when you find your purpose. The purpose is known as your mission, a promise between your soul and God, an oath you took in the spirit world before coming to earth. Each and every soul is on a spiritual quest. That is the path you have choosen in the spirit world before being reborn. When you come to earth , you forget the very reason you choose to born which is for the progress of your soul.
Missions of human beings.
-Improving spiritually.
-Serve Others selflessly
-For the growth of others use individual gifts and talents.
Human beings are on earth to change from within. Self-improvement is your first mission which is to walk on the Godly Good Path no matter what the circumstances or obstacles in your life. On Earth , there will always be negative forces. Earth is a spiritual battleground, and the only way to prove your moral strength is to choose light when darkness is overwhelming. Fighting evil does not mean you have to be vocal about it, judge people, or go to great lengths to expose them. Exposing evil is important, but not when you endanger yourself on your loved ones. However you must use this as an excuse to be cowardly, either. The best way to fight evil is to be brave and simply do what is right, every single time. This is what it means to be on Godly Good Path. Without change there can be no growth.
When you follow the guidance of the subconscious mind, change becomes a natural part of the subconscious mind, change becomes a natural part of your being and you change gracefully, step by step. When you change gracefully, you are able to handle your tests and training, and you are able to pay off your negative karma well because you are using your subconscious mind. Also, you can use your good karma for greater good. These come your way only when you are on right path. When you change gracefully, you are doing your best to bring God’s Plan into effect.
When you fail to follow the guidelines of your subconscious mind, you are resisting change. You resist change because you give in to the wrong justifications that the physical mind provides – it tells you there is nothing wrong with you and you do not need to change. The physical mind does not like change; therefore if you do not operate from the subconscious mind, change will not come naturally to you. You will not change gracefully. But since you are not bad soul, and your subconscious mind is slightly open, you will get a physical blow. Something will happen in your life, a shock or blow, such as loss of finance or health, to make you open your eyes. Our sad part is that we easily ignore guidance, joy and blessings, but do not ignore pain.
We should change because we believe in goodness and want to be a better human being.