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A Wall in Love By:-Karmwant Singh

  Child-hood isprecious timewhenperson has noworries about future to earn money. Although it is true some of children get tension about study and marks but it does not harm upon their character and way of thinking .We usually see in regular life children play together , and fight on minor issues and beat each other. Sometime they refuse to call and meet each other. Many times their parents mess with one-another about children issue, but children after some time forget everything .They all become friends again and enjoy the company of each other by forgetting previous happenings. Sometimes Well mannered children apologies to each other for their misbehavior and finally all become good friends and live and play together without tension.
As child grows feelings of anger and revenge grows Simultaneously in mind. Day by day these evil feelings become the habit and by existence for long time it change into nature/behavior of the person. As much obstacles and tough situations come in life, arrogance, wrath, cleverness come in character. Now person show something, and have Other-thing . Child become teenager and now so many wishes according to modern living standard occur in mind and he/she want to attain these in any cost by stubbornness with parents and play tricks with dear ones or other people. If someone is refuse to teenager to do so he/she become angry with that person.
Although he did lot of favor and support to teenager in many situations. As teenager grows he become adult the same arrogant nature become the hurdle of good relation and usually break the fellowship with other good and kind hearted people. The addiction of hate, criticize and non-gratification grows and tens upon mind increase even in mistakes done by own. Always say right to him-self is become heavy and begets forlornness in life.He rememberedrefusal till last breath rather than thousand favor and supports towards him. Single refusal is force to men to benarrow minded,person start refuseand defame to well wisher. The questions arises that Does same kind of evil person live in our soul who appears when we hate, refuse, criticize and defame other. Why we cannot remember good things and good qualities of other rather than even single misbehave with us. When and How can we learn to forgive and apologies to other? We all read “To be human is err” then why we do not understand and start love, respect and live together.Because when we try to do so the wall of hate, cast and creed, discrimination and narrow mindedness become the hurdles in our way of love. So let’s take a pledge on this valentine season we fall /decrease this wall of hate and forgive our dear people and also beg sorry or apologies to other in our own mistakes and live with love and respect with everyone and every particle of nature.