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Two Decades of life--Ramninderjeet singh 9641400009

  A child is born in middle class family of India lots of celebration held and distribute sweets and congrats wishes among each other or kinship of family it become double when child is a boy.
Sometime when a girl child born people don’t think good or okay to wish congrats to parents even in 21st century . But as technology grows, people become modern and give up narrow mindedness day by day.
As child grows lot of relatives and friends show love towards child as child grow near to 3 year old everyone expect child should to go to school or pre nursery class and learn good manners. In this age when child do mistakes even in due to innocence surrounding people start taunt to parents and target child as he/she getting wrong manners pay attention or care and improve child. Parents shout on the child with bit anger and some time they slap to child. This day child start feels fear and familiar with mistakes that he/she did. Now child realize that if mistake occur again it would be harmful and outsider are danger and complaining about it. Now the seed of tension “what people say” is put in the mind of child and it grows slowly and constantly. In a school, the teacher familiar students with language and different subjects which is useful for life. A child is usually beaten by doing mistake in study, some subjects are easily understand and some become tough to learn , due to company/ atmosphere and behavior of teacher , Humble and calm teacher impress the students .
When results declare after an year, the high gaining marks students are appreciate by everyone and middle or 2nd grade students gets courage, sympathy and best wishes to perform well in next session,
But 3rd grade student are push down under the taunts of surrounding people even by parents and friends too. In this situation two types of students reveals in the society one is follower and second is selfish/own decision maker. 2nd type students thinks whatever he do and think would be right for him and these types of students become the successful by gaining lot of money through illegal work and scams or may be fail in life badly as people start give the example to new generation never follow these loser and betray from them.
Now the fellow being and follower type children are two types 1st one is brilliant and safety preferred and 2nd category is of those youngsters are most sensitive dull and loser in everything.

Everybody laugh upon them and some people show mercy and few say these looser do nothing in life. Even their friends, cousins and kinship members also make laugh and put shameful comments and insulting in circumstances. But the sensitive youngster is listen, tolerate with peaceful manner to everyone. Sometimes he/she depressed and have discourage about life, but take a long breath and handle the situation and move forward with positivity. Sensitive personality learn many things in life slowly analyze the living standard, know the variety of people and learn so many skills to prove themselves are best in the society . According to time life become so fast and demands and expectations are increasing day by day everyone in rat race to stay ahead and up to date than other fellow beings here the new challenge is occur in the front of sensitive personality people how stay cool and perfect in everything ? However they move forward, their speed like snail crawling in new era.
The most intelligent and follower youngster are addicted to show expert and perfect in everything.
Start doing jobs and run small scale business due to fear of “what people say”? They do not try to fulfill their passion and ask about to parents they just follow the advice of elders or lower mentor. Soon their life is become limited and bored. They completely fix with their schedule and responsibilities. Although
They are able to do big things or follow up their passion and dreams to be, again the fear “what people say” come and be hurdles of path. Some of them spoil their love life and married life because expectations and expenses are more than achievements.
On other side, Slow and lazy youngster examine and study to other people lives and learn the lesson from their mistakes and misconception. They cross the fear of
“What people say” to not do so or according people’s wishes, Everyone seek and imagine what a sensitive guy will be do in life who regularly study and doing hard work consistently !
Now people who taunt him /her on past say today your life is on the way you will achieve big in life.
This situation is very sensitive some student get the pride by listen crow appreciate and give up to work hard and start some other or lower things to attain people ‘s attention upon them the way of gaining achievements are disappear due to pride. But the people who consistently work hard and do not care of comments and words of people and give utmost in their fields and work streams will become the pointing star of everyone’s eyes and announced by the people “A successful person in the world”.
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