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Gurmeet annonces new association at birthday

  Gurmeet annonces new association at birthday
By: Prachi Jaitly
Chicago, IL: A well known entrepreneur from Chicagoland Gurmeet Singh Dhalwan who is known for his goodwill, commitment and polite nature, celebrated his birthday by making a commitment to bring the community together and announced the launch of Midwest Punjabi Association. What could have been more auspicious day to launch the association than his birthday? Gurmeet Singh Dhalwan is famous for his business acumen, his service for community and his unbiased and non partisan media organization that publishes both online and in print. Midwest Punjabi Association aims at bringing the Punjabi community together and steering it towards a bright future that involves “sarvat da bhala” meaning community welfare.
Gurmeet Singh is a skilled businessman who has established Adbhut Media in English and Punjabi language. His capability is not unknown to anyone and he very well knows that pen is mightier than sword.
According to Mr. Dhalwan, “ In today’s age pen leads the generation towards establishing a civilized and strong Punjabi community and Midwest Punjabi Association wants to work towards a future so that Punjabi community can feel proud of its rich cultural heritage.” Professor Paul Singh’s dream is very much evident in Gurmeet Singh Dhalwan’s vision and mission. On the other hand as rightly said by Professor Kulwant Singh Grewal, we can also feel the pain of and shared emotion of the Punjabi community in Gurmeet Singh’s heartfelt dream for his community.
Gurmeet wants to collect the broken branches of the tree of Punjabi community by following guru Nanak dev’s teaching of promoting the welfare of the entire world .
Gurmeet worships music and friendship and it was very evident in his birthday event. Over a hundred of people danced in the joy And Gurmeet’s eyes were full of love for all the guests. Not even one person was there who didn’t enjoy the celebration.
While there were melodies playing on one hand, Gurmeet’s well wishers shared the heights he has achieved with his soft spoken words and hard-work. In the end, it would be sufficient to say with all the love, affection and blessings of all his well wishers Gurmeet Singh Dhalwan announced the birth of Midwest Punjabi Association to realize this dream and mission.
He mentioned that Midwest Punjabi Association will be a non-partisan support for people from all religions, cast and creed and who have roots in Punjab or in India. Schaumburg Mayoral Candidate Tom Daley was also present alongwith many well known community members that included well known community leader and FIA founding President Sunil Shah joined by Anil and Asha Oroskar, Past President FIA Mukesh Shah and Neil Khot, Current President Ninad Daftari, Keerthi Ravuri and Kanti Patel who honored Gurmeet Singh with the sacred scarf as part of tradition from South India. Shabana Rahman from Adbhut Media team was also part of the event. The event emcee was Prachi Jaitly who announced the launch of Midwest Punjabi Association and encouraged everyone to support its mission.